Travel business automation


The current pace of development in business travel has highlighted a need for active implementation of new working methods to help meet consumers increasing demands. With years of experience in the field, Gridnine Systems offer development and implementation of systems which will fully automate the entire cycle of a travel agency business.

Gridnine Systems engineers have been working with various GDS (global distribution systems) and we are able to integrate your system with railway tickets, visas, hotels and insurance order systems.  

Gridnine Systems' automation solution will collect a variety of products into a single database and track all stages of the order workflow, from creating the order to the sub-agent's or end user's payment. Within our system you can generate different kinds of reports, view the status of your order, check the order's responsible manager and manage commissions and fees. 

Our experts are able to adapt the ready-made boxed automation systems to your needs. We specialize in providing excellent value for money software solutions and exceeding client expectations.