Product catalogues


Converting information from customary paper catalogues into an electronic format not only provides a more convenient way of storing the information, but makes the relationship with customers and partners much more effective. Additionally, modern e-business systems essentially enable operational expenses in trading companies to be reduced.

Gridnine systems developed the e-commerce solution for Lundagrossisten AB, one of Sweden's largest HEPAC wholesalers. Their electronic catalogue contains information on more than 60,000 products. The catalogue is equipped with a range of applications which generate price quotes, give real-time information about the quantities in stock in each of their eight warehouses throughout Sweden and simplify ordering products. We also developed a CD version of this catalogue, invoicing software and other customer tools, which are distributed four times per year.

Our solutions in the e-commerce field are purposefully user-friendly and we always aim to minimize problems connected with maintenance. For example, our product catalogues are equipped with specially developed tools which enable a user to easily and cost-effectively update the product database through accustomed user interface without complex programming. In order to cut down expenses, the catalogues can be integrated with ERPs and warehouse management systems such as 1C:Enterprise or Trade World; such integration provides a vast opportunity for automation of orders, supply and delivery, shifts in product mix tracking, regular pricing updates etc.