CRM systems


Gridnine Systems offers effective solutions in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), enabling our clients to gain the maximum benefit from investing in CRM automation. Today, when competition has become extremely strong, any opportunity to obtain as much information about a company’s customers as possible cannot be over-looked. Tracing the history of a company’s relations with its clients and thorough analysis of this information can help a company to build its business strategy in sales, services and advertising.

Gridnine Systems builds CRM solutions upon open-source platforms which makes our solutions affordable and scalable. Our CRM applications enable you to organize and prioritize your sales activities and opportunities thus reducing time consuming management processes and, subsequently, costs. Easy to use and flexible, they can be easily adjusted to your particular business needs.

What is more, we develop CRM solutions with completely web-based interface which are ready for integration with your company’s intranet. This means you will not have to acquire any special skills to use our CRM application and you’ll be able to use it as a unified management system and database for the whole enterprise, even if your company has branches in different regions of the world. 

Our CRM solution, developed for the Swedish Trade Council, possesses all the mentioned features. It is used to store information relating to all of their clients and suppliers and is designed so that the same company cannot be entered more than once; considering the database contains information on more than 100,000 companies, this feature was a priority. The system has also been equipped with target mailing, mass mailing and search features in order to accelerate interaction between customers and suppliers. This solution is absolutely adaptable to suit the needs of any company, since new categories and features can be added quite simply.